Does collagen improve the skin?

Collagen is a natural protein found in the skin, bones and connective tissues of the body, providing their structure, strength and elasticity. Derma cells - fibroblasts are responsible for synthesis of the collagen, which provides the structure of collagen and elastic fibers. Collagen is absolutely necessary to maintain the skin framework. In a young person, collagen is naturally synthesized in optimal amounts, however, over the years, the amount of collagen decreases, after the age of 40 it has already decreased by one third of the optimal amount of collagen needed for normal skin structure.

As a result of collagen decrease, wrinkles appear, wrinkles, the oval of the face slips, and the skin loses firmness.

The solution is to restore optimal collagen amount by taking collagen in the form of supplements.

Does collagen supplements really improve the skin?

Given the growing popularity of collagen around the world, many scientific studies have been conducted to provide a convincing answer to this important question. The studies have been performed in independent research centers and involve a total of around 5,000 patients.

What are the main results of these studies:

  • Reduction of deep wrinkles by 30% in 12 weeks
  • An average increase of the skin moisture level was by 28% over 8 weeks,
  • 91% of study participants noticed the increasing of skin moisture level in 8 weeks;
  • Collagen fragmentation (damage of the collagen fibers that leading to wrinkles) was reduced by 31% after 12 weeks
  • In the study, which included 714 study participants:

    • 93% of the study participants admitted that the skin condition has improved - the skin has become smoother, softer and better moisturized;
    • 77% of study participants reported improved skin firmness.

Which collagen is the best?

All SAAPIO collagen-containing food supplements contain directly hydrolyzed collagen, which ensures optimal absorption in the body and thus gives the expected result - the skin becomes firmer, wrinkles are reduced, the condition of hair, nails and joints is improved.

The range of SAAPIO supplements includes pure collagen or Hydrolyzed collagen, collagen with hyaluronic acid (which additionally provides optimal skin hydration), High-dose collagen with added vitamin complex - Double Power collagen, especially recommended after the age of 30, when the first signs of aging appears, Joint Support collagen - for joint and cartilage health and strengthening.

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