Gatuline Expression

Extracted from a tropical plant, Gatuline Expression provides an effective solution to the demand for rapid reduction of facial wrinkles:

• Quick action shown in vitro and in vivo, as Gatuline® Expression immediately limits micro- contractions that create then aggravate facial wrinkles.
• Spectacular reduction of wrinkles leading to a significantly smoother skin.

Gatuline Expression is extracted from the upper parts of the Acmella oleracea plant belonging to the Compositæ family (Compositæ-Heliantheæ). This small plant, which blossoms all year long, has a broad geographical footprint, covering the whole tropical zone in South America, Africa and Asia.

Originating from Peru and Brazil, Acmella oleracea is a cultivated non-endangered species, known and used for a very long time in Madagascar and La Réunion. Called “Mafane” in the Indian Ocean, this plant is used in food and as a medicinal plant. It is precisely in the wild region of La Réunion that GATTEFOSSÉ harvests it.

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