Why are nails getting fragile and brittle and how this problem can be solved?

Everyone wishes to have strong and healthy nails. Hands and nails seem to be as visiting card that makes the first impression, so taking care of the health of your nails is very important. The nail is based on the horny layer that covers the tip of the finger in the shape of a plate and protects it from mechanical damages. The nail consists of the nail base, root, nail wall, free edges and nail bed. A normal nail is smooth, transparent, with a matte gloss, firm and flexible. The colour of the nail is determined by the nail's blood supply - if it is normal, the nail will be slightly rosy. Pale nails, in turn, show a disturbance in the nail's blood supply.

The nail contains keratin and collagen, which facilitates keratin synthesis. Collagen is an important protein found in many organs - skin, hair, nails, bones, connective tissues, cartilage, joints and elsewhere. Like glue, it helps to keep tissues together, granting them structure, endurance and flexibility. Alongside with ageing, the synthesis of natural collagen is decreasing, and quite often it is deterioration of the nail condition that is the first sign of a shortage of the natural collagen reserves.

Fragile nails that split and break are one of the most common nail problems. The nail plate becomes dry, longitudinal grooves and cracks separating the nail layers may form and nail splitting occurs. 

Why do nails split and break?

There can be different reasons for that:

  • Improper nail care;

Frequent use of nail polish, use of acetone-containing nail polish remover, incorrect nail filing often cause nail fragility and splitting. It is best to take care of your nails regularly with a certified nail care specialist who will choose the most suitable and gentle nail care.

  • Use of household chemicals and disinfectants - it is highly recommended to do home cleaning works in gloves, thus protecting your nails from the harmful effects of household chemicals.
  • Insufficient or poor nutrition - vitamin deficiency is one of the most common reasons that can significantly worsen the condition of the nails. Different diets can also contribute to the development of vitamin and amino acid deficiencies;
  • Emotional stress - studies have shown that strong emotional stress can lead to deterioration of the condition of nails;
  • Deficiency of collagen reserves - with ageing, the reserves of naturally synthesized collagen run out, causing not only changes in the skin, but also a deterioration of the condition of the nails - nails can become brittle, split and break.
  • Nail changes can also indicate various dermatological diseases - e.g. nail fungus, psoriasis, etc. In such a case, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

 How to prevent nail fragility and improve the condition of the nails?

  • Regularly take care of your nails with a certified manicure master, use nail strengthening products; These products contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential oils that can improve the quality of nails.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals - when using household chemicals, always put on gloves to protect your nails and hand skin from chemical damage;
  • Have a balanced diet;
  • In addition, use a vitamin complex that contains B group vitamins, including biotin (vitamin B7 or H), vitamin C, vitamins A and E, which actively participate in the synthesis of the main nail and hair protein - keratin. Most often, the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body causes changes in the condition of the nails. A specially developed vitamin complex will help prevent nail fragility, breakage, splitting and layering. A specially balanced vitamin complex, designed specifically for restoring nail health and improving nail condition, is found in SAAPIO Beautifying Nutrition.
  • After the age of 25, take collagen orally every day, which will effectively reduce the collagen deficiency in the body and thus promote the synthesis of the much-needed protein - keratin for nails to make your nails strong and healthy.

The study data show that the use of collagen accelerates the growth of nails by 12%, while reducing their cleavage by 42%. Moreover, 80% of the study participants state that they have improved their nails after 6 weeks of using collagen. It should be noted that the study was performed with hydrolysed collagen. Therefore, when choosing a collagen-containing food supplement, preference should be given to hydrolysed collagen, which is significantly better absorbed by the body, e.g. SAAPIO Double Power collagen, which is also supplemented with a complex of vitamins and minerals that improve the condition of nails.

In order to further increase the effect of collagen, it is recommended to take vitamin C - Acerola Powder, which is vitamin C of natural origin and is directly involved in stimulating collagen synthesis.

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