Did you know that your phone contributes to premature aging?

Recently, we have often heard people asking about the skin damage caused by the blue light emitted by computers and smart electronic devices.

Is this blue light really affecting your skin?

The contemporary life cannot be imagined without the smart electronics — computers, phones and other gadgets which have become an integral part of our daily life.

The blue light emission sources:

  • sun
  • computers 
  • smart phones
  • TV sets
  • LED light

Blue light (or HEV rays) is high-energy visible light with a shorter wavelength, hence it penetrates in the skin deeper than the well-known UVA or UVB rays.

When penetrating deep into the skin, this blue light (HEV rays) emitted by smart electronics causes oxidative stress that, in turn, leads to the damage of collagen and elastin fibres, as well as adverse impact on the skin cell DNA.

5 skin problems caused by the blue light of smart electronics:

  1. wrinkles — as a result of the damage of collagen fibres due to exposure to the blue light
  2. loss of skin elasticity — the blue light of smart electronics contributes to disintegration of elastin fibres
  3. pale skin colour — due to decreased blood supply
  4. pigmentation spots — scientific studies have shown that the blue light can adversely affect production of melanin in the skin even more than UVA/UVB rays resulting in brown spots or hyperpigmentation
  5. premature skin aging or photoaging — just like UVA/UVB rays, the blue light emitted by smart electronics that damages skin cells also contributes to photoaging as a result of which the human skin condition becomes considerably worse and it looks prematurely aged and saggy

How to protect the skin from the harmful effect of light emitted by smart electronics?

One suggestion would be to reduce the time spent on the phone or at the computer screen, however, we must admit — easier said than done. Smart electronics ensure access to the required information both at work and in our leisure time.

Yet, we can definitely use specially developed cosmetic products to protect our skin from the blue light effect.

What are the requirements for skin care products that protect from the harmful effect of smart electronics?

It is important that the skin care product contains ingredients which really protect the skin from the harmful effect of the blue light screens.

SAAPIO Urban Life series contain innovative ingredients which effectively protect against the blue light (or HEV radiation) emitted by smart electronics.

One of the highest efficacy ingredients in Urban Life products is Cobiodefender EMR.

What is the innovative ingredient Cobiodefender?

  • the first active ingredient that reduces skin cell damage caused by the blue light
  • improves restoration of the cellular DNA
  • protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by the light emitted by smart electronics
  • stimulates and improves restoration of epidermis
  • prevents photoaging caused by the blue light rays

Skin exposed to the negative impact of smart electronics needs efficient and permanent moisturizing. Urban Life products contain ingredients that ensure protection from the harmful effect of the radiation emitted by smart electronics and optimal hydration of your skin 

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