Is it safe to use collagen?

Collagen is the largest and richest structural protein in the human body, making up 70% of our dry skin. Collagen as an adhesive holds our skin, bones and connective tissues together, providing their structure, strength and elasticity.

Over the years, the body's naturally occurring collagen decreases. By the age of 40, the amount of collagen in the body has decreased by as much as a third of the optimal amount needed. It causes the formation of wrinkles in the skin, loss of the skin tone, slipping of the skin oval, loss of elasticity and strength of joints and cartilage, deterioration of hair and nail quality.

For these reasons, it is important to take collagen from outside -  in the form of supplements, so the question arises  - whether it is safe to drink collagen or whether the use of collagen does not cause side effects?

Hydrolysed collagen is a natural product whose safety and efficacy have been studied in countless clinical trials in various scientific centers around the world.

Collagen is rigorously tested by independent laboratories to ensure quality and safety. Studies have been performed to exclude harmful microorganisms or heavy metals (such as mercury). Products that do not meet these requirements and standards cannot be registered in the European Union.

Collagen is free of cholesterol - so we can be sure that the use of collagen will not affect blood cholesterol levels in any way.

Collagen has been studied in more than 300 different clinical trials involving in total more than 5,000 participants. In all trials the use of collagen has been shown as safe, with no significant side effects;

Is collagen not harmful to the kidneys?

According to the results of many scientific studies, scientists affirm that even a high dose of collagen does not have a negative effect on kidney health.

Does collagen have harmful effects on the liver?

Even with collagen used daily for years, no adverse effects on liver function have been observed.

Is it safe to use collagen every day?

The response of the scientists, based on clinical trials, is:

It is completely safe to use collagen every day and it is even recommended.

Can collagen be used during pregnancy?

Although collagen is a natural and safe product, pregnant women should consult the doctor before taking any dietary supplement, including collagen.

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