Why is it extremely important to take collagen supplements after the age of 25?

Today’s hectic lifestyle often leaves little time for caring about our health and beauty, hence making it even more important to find balance between health and wellbeing.

Balanced diet and exercising certainly help to maintain good physical condition, yet over the time, and especially after the age of 30, it is not enough. At this point we start to think about keeping our beauty in the long term.

How to maintain beauty in the long term?

Unfortunately, nobody can avoid the natural aging process, yet we can slow it down considerably.
Collagen supplements have an important role in maintaining health and beauty, and their efficacy and safety have been proved through scientific studies. 
Collagen is a structural protein that acts as a building block for the majority of tissues. Around the age of 25, collagen production in the body starts to decline.

Decreased levels of collagen lead to noticeable signs of aging — our skin loses elasticity and tightness, appearance of the first fine lines and wrinkles, hair and nails start changing for the worse, joints become stiff and even painful. All
these symptoms of aging can be delayed by taking collagen supplements.

What collagen supplement should you choose?
Collagen supplements are available in the form of powders, liquid and pills, however, according to the studies, they are all equally powerful. What really matters is the absorption of collagen in the body, and for that reason collagen should be in a hydrolysed form.

What does “hydrolysed collagen” mean and how does it compare to the non-hydrolysed collagen?

Hydrolysed collagen is obtained by separating the long chains of amino acids into smaller units called peptides. These molecules are smaller and better absorbed by the small intestines from where blood distributes them to the target organs such as skin, joints, cartilage, hair follicles etc.
All SAAPIO collagen products contain the hydrolyzed collagen that guarantees its best absorption in the body and also the most effective result. 

In some food supplements hydrolysed collagen is combined with other ingredients to boost expected result. Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid will help to prevent skin dehydration, whereas Joint Support Collagen will strengthen your joints and cartilage. If you suffer from deteriorating condition of your hair and nails (breakage or loss of hair, brittle nails), we recommend Beautifying Nutrition supplement which contains collagen and a special vitamin complex for healthy hair.

What would help to eliminate wrinkles and saggy skin? Try the Double Power Collagen with added vitamins complex in order to boost anti-age effect, that will noticeably improve your skin condition.

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