Alternatives to plastic surgery, or how to eliminate wrinkles without scalpel or injections?

We all want to look young and beautiful, but as the years go by, the body inevitably begins to experience unwanted aging processes - wrinkles, sagging contours, loss of volume, etc.   A modern person aged 40, 50 and even 60 is socially active, therefore the concern for visual appearance has become very important. Often, we start thinking about the problems of aging only after the age of 40 or 50, but it is much too late, because, as it is known, the aging processes start already from the age of 25. Prophylactic measures play the main role in the prevention of wrinkles - it is much easier to prevent and delay the appearance of wrinkles than to struggle with the already existing deep wrinkles later.

As medicine evolves, there are increasingly more opportunities to stay young for longer. Still, it often requires a lot of investment and surgery, and any surgery, including facial plastic surgery, involves risks to health and even life.

The world is increasingly more looking for natural alternatives to address effectively the challenges of aging, developing new, effective anti-aging products and conducting numerous clinical trials.

Why are we aging?

As the years pass, cells of the human organism are aging, thus experiencing shortage of synthesised biologically active substances that ensure self-rejuvenation of the organism. Studies have shown that the level of collagen in the body, which is based on the production of skin cells - fibroblasts, plays an important role. With aging, activity of fibroblasts is decreasing and thus also the amount of collagen developed by them leading to a shortage of collagen reserves. As the amount of collagen decreases, the collagen fibres responsible for skin thickness and flexibility weaken, the structure of collagen fibres changes, resulting in wrinkles, skin thinning, loss of volume and sagging contours.

What should be done to prevent premature skin aging?

Prophylactic measures are most important to prevent aging of the skin in time.

Some tips for preventing premature skin aging:

  • Have a good sleep - sleep for at least 7 hours each night, avoid sleeping on the stomach, as the face is pushed against the pillow, the lymph flow is encumbered, resulting in swelling and wrinkles in the face.
  • Reduce sugar consumption - excessive consumption of food sugar can lead to the formation of glucose end products, which adversely affect collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkling and making the skin inflexible.
  • Protect your skin from the sun - use a sunscreen cream with high SPF (SPF 50) daily
  • Wear sunglasses - eye tightness makes contracting muscles located between eyes and eyebrows, which in turn results in formation of mimic wrinkles
  • Avoid air pollution - contaminated air, cigarette smoke and car exhaust gas damage the skin barrier, causing oxidative stress and premature skin aging. It is important to use cosmetics that effectively protects the skin from oxidative stress, e.g. SAAPIO Urban Life cosmetic line products;
  • Use vitamins that improve skin immunity and act as antioxidants to combat the harmful effects of free radicals, e.g. Vitamin C Acerola Powder
  • Avoid excessive use of smart devices - prolonged use of smart devices in bed or in a semi-sitting position forms wrinkles in the neck and decollete area. Moreover, smart devices emit blue light that causes oxidative stress and contributes to the aging of the skin;

 What should be done if the wrinkles have already appeared?

A modern approach to combating the signs of aging involves both the use of external cosmetic products and the intake of food supplements.

 What should a good anti-age cosmetic be like?

It is important for cosmetics to provide both immediate effects and long-term signs of prevention of aging. Attention should be paid to the ingredients of cosmetic products.

  • It is recommended to use cosmetic products containing an innovative component - Astaxanthin.
Astaxanthin is a strong antioxidant that helps protect the body from oxidative stress, it is 500 times more active than vitamin E. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, provides strong natural protection against the damage of free radicals, or so-called oxidative stress.
Due to its unique structure, Astaxanthin protects membranes of cells in all organs of the body and facilitates collagen formation, thereby reducing the signs of aging - wrinkles, loss of firmness and flexibility.
Astaxanthin is present in the entire Ageless line of the cosmetic products.


  • The innovative Voluform™ component, which is considered to be an alternative to lipofiller, ensures skin firmness, fills wrinkles and restores skin volume - the skin becomes smoothed and the face contour is strengthened. Voluform™ is present in the Ageless Resculpting face cream;
  • To prevent mould wrinkles and “crow legs”, it is recommended to use products containing an alternative to botox, an innovated component of Gatuline ®. This component provides immediate reduction of mimic wrinkles, smoothing of the skin and a mated effect in the skin around the eyes. Gatuline® is present in the Ageless eye cream.
  • At any age, it is required to provide optimal moisturising of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products containing Pentavitin – a powerful skin moisturiser that ensures skin moisturising for up to 72 hours. This ingredient can be found in the Ageless cosmetic line products;


Which are the best food supplements that reduce signs of aging?

  • Collagen-containing food supplements that contain collagen in hydrolysed form, thereby ensuring its better absorption in the body, e.g. SAAPIO collagen.
  • Vitamin C - Effectively reduces fatigue, improves immunity, strengthens blood vessels, ligaments and bone tissue. Vitamin C is recommended for use with collagen as it improves the effectiveness of collagen.
  • Astaxanthin - Astaxanthin contributes to the formation of collagen, thereby reducing the signs of ageing - wrinkles, loss of firmness.

Astaxanthin helps to balance the functioning of the immune system by promoting the activity of immune cells, improving vision, improving capillary blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart disease, improving mental capacity and maintaining optimal levels of moisture in the skin;

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