As a result of the best Swedish, German and Swiss specialist research, SAAPIO offers a wide selection of high - class quality cosmetics and bioactive substances in food supplements to combat both - external and internal aging of the body.
The core value of the brand
Effective products
Safe products
Reslove the most pressing problems of today - such as acne, premature aging, and oxidative stress.

We created products to reduce the consequences of numerous negative factors of metropolitan life

The skin is the largest human organ, its condition reflects the quality of health and lifestyle.

Metropolitan people are victims of a number of negative factors - poor ecology, harmful habits, unbalanced diet, stress, poor sleep and weakened immunity to reduce the consequences of these factors SAAPIO has created three product lines and a line of innovative mineral and vitamin complexes, complementing each of the cosmetic series.

  • Saapio ACEROLA
  • Saapio AGELESS
  • Saapio ANTI-ACNE
  • Saapio Collagen
  • Saapio Urban neat icons

Modern skincare is a complex approach to conscious, regular activities.

Aime is not only to improv the appearance of the skin but also maintaining the body's youth.

Proper nutrition, healthy sleep, walking, physical activity, maintaining the necessary levels of vitamins and trace elements and safe cosmetics is the minimum that is followed by everyone who strives for harmony, loves themselves, their skin and body and takes care of their body.

Saapio — Intelligent beauty
Discipline, gratitude, and respect for your body is the key to beauty and well-being.
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